1. Manufacturing Facility:

a. Inductotherm dual track induction furnace (2 Nos)

b. Centrifugal Machines (30 Nos)

c. CNC Turning Machines (6 Nos)

d. Pre-Plateau honing Machines (4 Nos)

e. Plateau honing Machines (2 Nos)

f.  Electronic contact type multi-gagging machine

g. CNC controlled vertical boring machines (2 Nos)

h. Q4 TASMAN Optical Emission Spectrometer

i. Fork-lifter 3 Ton Capacity

j. Ultrasonic Cleaning for finished liners

k. Milipore Testing


2. General Infrastructure:

a. Total Land Area : 21934 Sq. mtr.

b. Building Area: 4398.86 Sq mtr.

b. Vacant Area: 17535 Sq mtr.

b. Green Belt Area: 2746.9 Sq mtr.

c. Situated in well developed KIADB Machenahalli Industrial Area, Shimoga

d. 320 kVA x2 diesel generator

e. 275 skilled personnel on the job

f. Fully Integrated ERP Software Application


3. Testing Facilities:

a. Ferro Lab - for instant Chemical Analysis

b. Metallurgical Microscope with Image Analyser

c. Hardness testing Machine

d. Surtronic 3+ and Surtronic 25 for surface roughness and plateau analyser

e. Universal testing machine (Electronic) - 40 MT. cap.

f. Profile Projector

g. ID inspection through air gauge

3. Foundry

a. Furnace Capacity - 5940MT per annum

b. Centrifugal liner casting Weight  - 2.8Kg to 120Kg.


OD Max. 300mm
ID Min. 60mm & Max. 250mm
Length 450mm
Surface Finish 0.3Ra min.
Concentricity 0.02mm
Taper Ovality 8u
Machining capacity 50,000 liners/month


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